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Beta Testers: Test Persona and Test Scenario 1

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Testing Instructions:


For the testing of the app, we want you to pretend that you are a practitioner of ABA (which shouldn’t be too difficult for some of you =P). For those of you unfamiliar with ABA, basically just think of yourself as a teacher in a special education classroom. 


We want each of you to approach the app with the following imaginary persona: You are a co-teacher in an ABA classroom with another teacher named Mr. Demo Teacher. He has already created your class in the app, and asked you to join it. He has named the class “Demo Teacher’s Class”. Your class is a part of “BFlow High School”, in the very well-respected, and not at all made up “BFlow School District”. Take a look around the existing students in the classroom, but please don’t take any data or edit their programs. 


Once you have joined Demo Teacher’s Class, you decide to create your own classroom, for a class that you teach independently of Mr. Demo Teacher. You want to add your two students, “XXXX” and “XXXX” to your personal class, and give each of them at least 1 motivational system, educational program, observational function, gadget, and daily schedule. Feel free to play around with these students as much as you please!


Boiled down, this means you will:


  1. Create your user profile
  2. Join “Demo Teacher’s Class” in “BFlow High School”, which is part of “BFlow School District”
  3. Create your own classroom
  4. Create your two students
  5. Create some functions for your students
    1. Motivational System
    2. Educational Program
    3. Observational Function
    4. Gadget
    5. Daily Schedule

Provide feedback on any issues that you see! We’re most grateful for any and all feedback, from the smallest to the largest issues that you see. Thank you!

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