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Functions – Motivation, Points

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A Points system is a more abstract motivational approach with embedded contracts and deferred reward increments. A student first works for points which can be awarded at a teacher’s discretion or through one or more established contracts for the student’s engagement in desirable target behaviors. Upon reaching the specified number of points, the points are converted into a token/reward increment earned towards one or multiple rewards. This application automates and simplifies the creation, utilization, and tracking of the Points systems created for a student.

To create a Points motivational system, the teacher enters the title for the system and is navigated to a Points template where they are able to further define the elements of the system. The new motivational system appears with the established title and numerical and graphical representations of the points bank status. Both the number of points and number of reward increments/tokens (shown as boxes) may be customized from this screen. Applicable rewards may be entered using the edit function, which facilitates addition and/or selection of many types of content, including: text, camera, library images, links or audio. Rewards are stored in a reward library, so that previously used rewards may be reused. A ‘Contracts’ button navigates to a screen for contract creation. After entering a contract title, the teacher moves to a screen that allows entry of associated contract items (tasks/behaviors) and corresponding point values. When all elements of the motivational system have been established, the teacher saves it.

In a Points motivational system, points and reward boxes are awarded to students for engaging in desirable target behaviors. At the teacher’s
discretion, points are awarded or subtracted anytime by clicking the minus or plus buttons for the points bank. Also, when contracts are reviewed with a student, the teacher indicates whether or not the student has completed each contract item. Established points for completed items are automatically added to the student’s points bank. Once the points bank is filled, a reward box is modified (e.g. darkens in color) to show that it has been earned. Reward increments may also be delivered by utilizing the basic manipulation functions on either the Teacher Dashboard or the motivational system expanded tab. Teachers are alerted to student progress in motivational systems with visual, physical and/or audio notifications. These notifications vary in intensity and duration, depending on the type of activity being alerted.

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