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In the BehaviorFlow app, ABA capabilities are provided in a total of eleven different functions, two types of tools, and data collection and data graphing capabilities.
The eleven ABA functions are divided into three subcategories:
  1. Motivational Systems
  2. Education Programs
  3. Observation Functions
Motivational Systems:
Within Motivational systems, four functions are provided:
  1. Token Economies (aka Token Boards)
  2. DROs
  3. Points Systems
  4. Register Systems
Education Programs:
The Education programs provided are:
  1. Task Analysis
  2. Discrete Trial
  3. Activity Schedule
Observation Functions:
Observation functions include:
  1. Frequency
  2. Duration
  3. Interval
  4. ABC
Two types of tools are provided. The first is Gadgets, which includes:
  1. Fixed Timers (count-down and count-up)
  2. Variable Interval Timers
  3. Counters (aka event counters)
The second type of tool is the Daily Schedule which includes:
  1. Editable time periods with names and a list of items to be completed within that period.
  2. Check boxes for both the list of tasks and the time period.
  3. Inclusion of Behavior flow functions in the task list (e.g. Task Analysis).
  4. Multiple, labeled Daily Schedules available per Student
Data Collection and Graphing:
Data Collection and Data graphing capabilities are provided for all of the Education programs and all Observation functions except ABC.

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